• 01-01-2021

TraumA - Triennal Bruges 2021

With admiration and amazement, the visitor sees the picturesque Bruges buildings that radiate history, as it were, from every pore of their stones. Bruges is a dream destination. But has the same visitor ever wondered what goes on behind those stately facades, how people really live in this medieval city? Is everything always splendor or is there a hidden side to Bruges city life? Does this paradise have a downside?


With TraumA the Triennial Bruges 2021 delves into the "uncanny" history and reality of Bruges. Historical layers are uncovered, forgotten or hidden storylines are discussed. This edition explores the fine line between dream - Traum - and trauma, between paradise and hell. It plays on the imagination, on the pomp and circumstances, but also on the "uncanny" that is present underground. Indeed, although Bruges seems like a dream destination to many, poverty, loneliness, pollution or fear also lurks in this picture-perfect world.

The secret world of Bruges

TraumA also brings out the less beautiful aspects by means of artistic and architectural interventions and allows them to become part of the image of the city. She creates a polyphonic story, where there is room for imagination, beauty, darkness and complexity. A space where artists and architects can explore both the stage and the dusty wings and question the hidden dimensions of society, whereby they portray duality and stimulate our imagination and senses. What is going on behind the walls in the secret world of Bruges, which runs parallel to, but is also part of the history, of the story of the city?

May 8 - September 26

Triennial Bruges 2021 balances between the present and the hidden. With a trail of sculptural, architectural and organic creations, it meets a celebration of the versatility and mobility of this city. Between private and public. Between dream and nightmare. Discover this double world of Bruges with S-wan in its Triennial walk.



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