• 06-07-2020

More woman on the street. Guides in Corona times

Suddenly it was there, Covid-19, the cold killer, the assassin, and we were locked up in our shack. A first feeling: phew, finally time to tackle household situations more thoroughly and especially, those books that are still waiting. Time to quietly read and organise our library! Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. In addition to the daily appointment with the corona numbers, and the whole house being made virus-free, the guide microbe began to itch. At the same time, on TV a series entitled "More woman on the street". Bruges was also explicitly featured. The titillation gradually became a real itch.

And then, there she was ... that one lady in the window of the "Absolute Art Gallery" on the Dyver. She stared confidently over an extinct city, the lipstick shot makes her unfinished and touchable real. The "Dama del pintalabios" by Gerard Mas.

Why shouldn't we - guides who want to make women from the past and the present visible - work out a walk on these now forgotten Bruges women? Someday, the virus would loosen the reins.

We were already experienced, because barely a year ago, we had travelled to Dijon in the footsteps of the Burgundian duchesses and their impact on the geopolitics of the time.

Now it would be about women closer to home. Naysayers of all kinds, very diverse, regardless of rank or position. And so we looked for background information, images and photos on the internet and in our own library. The life of ten women gradually got more content. A route was mapped out along lesser paths and unknown corners.

Thus came the day when we, colleagues, met each other in person - with sufficient distance - on Castle Square to start our exploration: happy to see each other again and bring our writings to life. 

And now the time has come: the mayor and some aldermen have given the go ahead. We may guide again. Now all we need is a public. Our women are waiting for you. A walk taken from life, with the Bruges woman as a guideline. Book it here.

Linda Drooghmans and Anne Billiet

Linda Drooghmans and Anne Billiet

Linda and Anne have been active city guides for years. They personally ensure that the many striking ladies from Bruges are not forgotten.

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